Wednesday, October 12, 2016

WALT learn about a photo and disturb about that photo

One cleaning day

Mum said to John go and get the broom it is cleaning day we are going to move away tomorro  but it was school so mum had to clean the house by herself.So john went to school and said to his teacher i am moving away tomorro the teacher said why beacuse i hsve to move in with my dad and the teacher was very sad beacuse he was the smartist boy in the class so he had the best time of his life at his school before he moves tomorro to his dad.Then it was 3.oo oclock so he had to go and when he got home his dad was at home so they went to their new home.When they got there they packed their stuff and john went to a new school it did not feel the same like his old school so school was done he got home with his bike and the house was on fire and the faterfighter was trying to take the fire out.The next day john went back too his old school and he was back too happyness.

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