Thursday, April 6, 2017

walt sail on the water

on wednesday 6th on april 2017 half of room 7 and room 8 went to sailing,and there were 12 kids so Miss Fepuleai had 4 kids and Mrs Kelly had 4 kids and Miss Ashley had 4,

I was with  Miss Ashley,it was me Auckland,Faka'ata,Lopi,i was the only girl kid in the car that was why i had to sit in the front.When  Miss Ashley was driving she was driving fast like the wind i said to slow down but she said That we were late because of Lopi, he had to change a lot and we had to wait for Fakalata mum to get his togs but it was finally over.

so that was why  Miss Ashley was driving so fast, Miss Ashley was confused where to go she was trying to use her GPS was not working  so she called Mrs Fepuleai but she was not answering her phone, so she called Mrs Kelly BUT she was not answering her phone too.But in 2 minutes Mrs Fepuleai called and tolled her the way.when  Miss Ashley parked the car i saw 2 men and their names were Kevin and Robin the instrader was Robin he showed us how to us the bout.

My buddy was Hiria we went in the water but we had to go by one by one we went 2ed and when we went on there was a rope on out bout and Robin and i bout too he tied it onto his bout and tolk us to a pontoon and  he got the other kids.than when everyone was here he tolk 4 bout it was my bout and he was moving around and then he stopped i yelled ''why did you stop'' and he yelled ''i am going to let you go now and everybody got scared but me and my buddy was doing just fine we went really far than it was raining,i could not see properly.

when we were done robin toled us one person go in the front and that was me and he said to lean over than i did and the bout fleped over and i was really thought that i was go ti drowen but we had i life jakit on so i can swim and everone had a go than we we to change and get dry and had lunch and went back ti school i thought was super super fun.

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  1. I've never sailed before but I'd like to try it