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IALT: Use powerful words to describe a setting

writing words about the earthquake

Find 5 words you found in the blogpost that were new to you. Record these, and find the meaning.
An example has been done for you.
You can add an image if you want to.
When something is very busy, lots of people are there, maybe everyone is confused.
After shock
Find a phrase that you didn’t know, or helped create a picture in your head. Find out what it means.
An example has been done for you.
You can add an image if you want to.
as if the ground had turned to liquid.
This helped me create a picture in my head of the ground turning from solid to liquid. In my head I couldn’t stand up anymore, I was falling over and all the stuff around me fell to the ground as well. Everything was moving.

write a poem or a story about the earthquakes.

Write a poem about earthquakes.
Maybe an acrostic poem, or any other type of poem you want.

Try to use powerful words from the video, like these
  • Desperate
  • Disorganised
  • Dig frantically in hope
  • A community overwhelmed
  • A mound of rubble
  • Catastrophe

Start here: Earthquake

In iron there was A earthquake it was so bad i was watching a video it was about the most powerful  earthquake in the world,and there was sumange everyone was so frightened when they saw it.Everything was damaged some people died and some people survivors most of the children were dead i was so sad i imagined if was me,we are so lucky have a earthquake like that.   

Thursday, December 1, 2016

celebrating Me!!

This term we have been inquiring into 'Celebrating Me'. We have been looking at lots of different celebrations, like Guy Fawkes, Halloween, Weddings and Birthdays, White Sunday, Diwali and more. We also have looked at celebrating our own selves. 
This means we thought about things about ourselves that are worth celebrating... like our family, our hobbies, our learning achievements, our culture.

Here is my DLO to show what I have done throughout the term.