Friday, February 24, 2017

Game Review

WALT: I am learning to critically evaluate a game

Your name:

I played the game: Cranium
Made by:Richard Tait and Whit Alexander.
I played this game with:Coralee

The purpose of this game is to (Hint: how do you win this game?):well me and Coralee were play and you have to chose a person and there was a play doh but it was dry so it rain and you need a color dise and if you get a color you have to go on it and there is a time and if the time runs out and the person has passed the brain than she/he has to get the brain and say i won.

My favourite thing about this game was:that if you win you get to hold the brain

One thing I didn’t like about this game was:is when you eat the brain

This game is good to play by with a group because there are more people it said you have to have 5 people/4 people,but i just did 2 player.

I would rate this game _5_ out of 10 because:i lost and i got to eat the brain but said to play another game but Coralee said no so i had to eat it but i did not eat it.

If I could recommend something to make this game better, it would be:

Add any other comments about this game here:it was so fun but i will try and not eat the brain.

whanau confrace

At whanau conference i was the post to come at 3.50 but my brother Micah he brang the time for me from his teacher so we came at that time.We came at 4.00 o’clock  and my mum came to my class and my teacher miss Ashley talked about how i am and she said thing about my learning than when we were done we got a notice and my mum sighed it,the notice is about miss Ashley can take me to a lak and we are going to adomed the creek,she can take me whenever she wants so my mum sighed it and we were done so we went home and watch moana.

Softball Tournament

On wednesday 22ed feb 2017
some of room 10 kids and some of room 8 and 7 and some of room 9 kids we had to go to our softball tournament we had to walk because the softball bus was $500 so we had to walk,it was not that far we went on a fiaud called done coert.

We were vsing Pont England A and we lost but we tried.than we lined up and high fived each other and we were saying good try,than when we were finished we went and ate and we went to paradise our throwing.We won’t aloud to bat because we might hit a window,but i was just waiting for my dad to come.

Than we went up and went to vs Pont England B and we lost again so we went to stone fired and we won it was the greatest feeling ever that we won and at the end of the finose we won again.

We came to the finose and we were vs stone fired again i had a great feeling about this and when we baited i saw my dad coming and he was going to watch me bat and when i baited it it went a little bit far and i ran it the 1st bas and i stand there because they were going to get me than every other people baited and we won again it was amazing but we came 3ed place but it was fun.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

it is just about me

the drought

Quote from story
Your response - how does she feel? Why do you think that?
“I swallow my groan” (page 2)
She feels bored and hot. I think that because people normally groan when they don’t like what is happening, so maybe she was bored in class and didn’t want to do what the teacher asked. The drought meant that the weather would be really hot.
“I flop across my desk like a dead fish” (page 2)
She feels so sad and bored.I think she is sad and bored because her mum passed away.
“Since Mum died, I’ve been staying over at Pete’s house until Dad gets home from work” (page 3)
She feels uncodable and then happy when she's playing at Pete's house so she can forget about her mum dying.
“We roar and scream like a crowd at a rugby match when someone scores a try” (page 4)
She feels happy because she is playing and not remembering her mum dying she is just having too much fun.
“I wait for him to tell me to dig deep. I wait for him to tell me to use my imagination - but I guess it was Mum who said things like that.” (page 5)
She feels sad because her dad does not
tell her to dig down but it  is just her mum telling her that.
“Dad still hasn’t eaten anything, and there are big black bags under his eyes” (page 5)
She feels sorry for her dad because he just came from work and it is hard without her mum.
“I pick up my pen and, trying not to think of Dad asleep at the table, or Mum dying, or the skinny sheep, I close my eyes” (page 6)
She feels stressed out because she is not trying to think of her dad sleeping on the table and her mum dying.

Reread this quote from page 6. Reflect on what hidden meaning is there.

“This time the story comes, but the drought in the story is dad’s. Like the ever-blue sky, he’s holding back tears. From time to time, a small cloud drifts by, but he blinks it away. Each time he does this, his sadness grows deeper. All he does is get up and go to work and come home and go to bed. Then one night, he falls into such a deep sleep, a cloud creeps by without him noticing. Then another comes, and another, and another. Fat white clouds at first, then grey ones, then black - and the blackest clouds are bursting with rain. The moment they burst, Dad cries.” (page 6)

Think about the questions below and write a paragraph (at least 100 words) to answer these questions. You can talk to a buddy about it, but use your own words.
  • Why is dad holding back tears?
  • Why does he blink away the clouds?a cloud creeps by without him noticing
  • Why is his sadness growing deeper?
  • way than she will cry.
  • What metaphor is the girl trying to explain by talking about the clouds?
  • Why might the clouds start off white, then next go grey, then next go black? What metaphor is the girl trying to explain?

Start writing here:

Dad is sad because he is just upset that his wife has passed away.

why is his sadness growing deeper?it is because if her daughter sees him crying in a deep

Read this article.
Answer the questions below.

What part of Rosalie’s Hauora was affected by the bullying? Explain what you mean by that.
She feel sad mad at them and if they say something very mean to you you feel so upset.
When did the bullying start, and what happened?
It started when she  first started school they were kicking and pulling her hair
What does this mean?
I only got bullied verbally but it was still very hurtful.”
When someone says bad things with their words it is very hurtful.
Why do you think Rosalie didn’t tell anyone she was being bullied?

Find 3 pieces of advice Rosalie gives to everyone reading that they can do to get help if they are getting bullied
this is my interview about drought.