Tuesday, November 22, 2016

WALT learn how to mini golf.

On Tuesday 29th November

Room 6,7,and 8 went to Orakei it is the name of the mini golf.When i came to school i gave my teacher $8.00 for the trip but when i gave it is miss Sharon she said it was $50 dolos, but the notis that my teacher gave me said that you have to pay $8.00 than my teacher said it is hard to take you if you have payed $8.00 but when mrs kelly came Mrs Kelly just said take her than i was so relieved that she said to take me.After that i was in Mr M’s group we were playing than when we were done he said let's go get a feed so we went,and we were don eating and we got on the bus and he said that i won and i thought he was lying but when i looked at it he was telling the truth i was so so happy that i won than we went back to school.

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