Friday, February 24, 2017

Softball Tournament

On wednesday 22ed feb 2017
some of room 10 kids and some of room 8 and 7 and some of room 9 kids we had to go to our softball tournament we had to walk because the softball bus was $500 so we had to walk,it was not that far we went on a fiaud called done coert.

We were vsing Pont England A and we lost but we tried.than we lined up and high fived each other and we were saying good try,than when we were finished we went and ate and we went to paradise our throwing.We won’t aloud to bat because we might hit a window,but i was just waiting for my dad to come.

Than we went up and went to vs Pont England B and we lost again so we went to stone fired and we won it was the greatest feeling ever that we won and at the end of the finose we won again.

We came to the finose and we were vs stone fired again i had a great feeling about this and when we baited i saw my dad coming and he was going to watch me bat and when i baited it it went a little bit far and i ran it the 1st bas and i stand there because they were going to get me than every other people baited and we won again it was amazing but we came 3ed place but it was fun.

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